Friday, April 26, 2013

Hyde County, North Carolina

If you find yourself tiring of the urban caches and have nothing better to do this (or any other) weekend.  Take a very nice country drive down to the area surrounding Hyde County NC.  Hyde County is just over 1400 sq miles and includes Ocracoke Island.  You can knock Hyde county off your NC checklist though by grabbing two really nice caches near Englehard NC.

GC381EG - PorkChop's Rest Stop is located in the heart of Englehard

GC3TBJF - Dixie Invincibles is a really nice historic cache located just south of Englehard

Just north of the Hyde County line is a series of caches by ScouterHal.  This CO has gone out of his way to take you on a driving tour of the Gum Neck area.  A series of seven caches awaits you.  Some are located on dirt roads but take it from us - those dirt roads are much smoother than the average paved road in Virginia!!!  The cache page promises you all sorts of scenery and for the most part - the area delivered.  We just happened to hit this area during planting season so we got to see a lot of dirt fields!!!  There was a particular cache we were heading to that took us through a Wildlife Management area.  We were traveling down this dirt road at about 35 mph when, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpses of two turkeys.  The male had all of his tail feathers on display!  I immediately slowed down and told the others I was backing up and to get the cameras ready.  As I slowly backed the SNAP-mobile up, they opened their doors, cameras in hand.  All of the sudden we heard laughing!   "Don't bother.  They are decoys!" said a voice from the woods.  So much for a great picture!  Look up GC1CZX6 - Welcome to Gum Neck, the page explains how all four of the seven caches are interconnected and a quick look on the map around that area will reveal the other three caches in the series.

On the west side of Hyde County is a little town called Belhaven, NC.   The small town contains 5 caches (as well as the emergency room I visited due to the ammo can bite I received from the above caches).  Note:  If someone reads this and makes the trip - please give me a hint on "The Bells of Belhaven" cache that we couldn't find!.

There are numerous other caches in the area, most in small towns while driving to Hyde County.   The weekend we went down to this area proved to be a very good geocaching day!

As always - Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

SNAP!!! - Suffolk Nana & Papa

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