Top caches in Chesapeake Virginia

This page was last updated: March 14, 2021 

Here is the list for Chesapeake
top caches based on favorite points earned:


1.  GC49973 – UP, UP, and AWAY
67 favorite points – hidden  by CachinCousinz
Another really nice cache located
 in Northwest River Park

Note from SNAP!!!: Another fantastic cache from the cachin cousinz!

2.  GC1T5BD – HR Alphabet Soup: K is for Mr. Krabs
 & Krusty Krew
51 favorite points – hidden by Geocaching Hampton Roads
This tricky little cache is actually a memorial
 to a cacher.  Enjoy the hike through Northwest River Park.

Note from SNAP!!!: A nice hike to ground zero for a great cache!

3.  GC4XY5M – OGL 1.5 Mile Run - Gold Award
                                41 favorite points – hidden by Prytz+1
A great Wherigo Cache

Note from SNAP!!!: Another nice Wherigo Cache

4.  GC5BDWV – Ye New Fishing Hole #2
39 Favorite Points - hidden by Bikalot
A tricky little hide

Note from SNAP!!!: Another cache worth your visit!

5.  GC295AQ – One Busy Day: The VA Icon Challenge
36 favorite points – hidden by Mini MartinWarriors
A fantastic cache!

Note from SNAP!!!: Another cache worth your visit!

6.  GC42K05 – Camo Over Easy
33 favorite points – hidden by Mom&Dad2L&L
A lovely little cache
Note from SNAP!!!: Another cache worth your visit! 

7. GC42PC0 – Woodland Skirt Lifter
31 favorite points – hidden by Mom&Dad2L&L
A unique cache
Note from SNAP!!!: A neat cache that is well worth the visit!

Tied for 8th

GC3ET6Y – Get A Clue #6
30 favorite points – hidden by Team 757 Flex
A neat cache located behind
 a new Chesapeake City Park.


GC4XVBD – OGL 1.5 Mile Run
30 favorite points – hidden by Prytz+1
Have fun doing this one!.

Note from SNAP!!!: Both are great caches!

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