Top Caches in Hampton Virginia

Last Updated: January 21, 2020

1.     GC7B6VP – Fort Monroe - Virtual Reward
55 favorite points
hidden  by AllstarSS
This is one of the Virtual Reward Caches and well worth the visit.

Note from SNAP!!!:  GREAT! CACHE!!!

2.    GC2V4ED – From Her Bedroom Window II
50 favorite points
hidden by GrandpaGene.
A cute cache located in a nice neighborhood.

Note from SNAP!!!: A very nice neighborhood cache located in a cachers front yard.

3.    GCGM7A – A Grand View Cache
40 favorite points
hidden by CraZy Cache
This is Hampton’s oldest active cache and is located a nice walk down
the beach from parking.

Note from SNAP!!!: Be prepared to really enjoy a nice walk down the beach!

4.    GC4ZAD2 – Paddlers Paradise
39 favorite points
hidden by paddlersparadise
This amusing cache is not hard to find. 

Note from SNAP!!!: Very, very nice cache.

5.    GC1JVMX – You’re gonna put that where ????
34 favorite points
hidden by  tax-man
This amusing little multi-cache is located near a medical facility

Note from SNAP!!!: An amusing multi-cache!

6.  GC667RV – Pink Finale
30 favorite points
hidden by TreasureTrovers(Va)

This is the finale for the Pink geo-art.


7.     GC6W37V – Scientia est Potestas
21 favorite points
hidden by GrandpaGene
This is a nice library cache.

8 (tie).   GC4GN2M – Limberakis Gerakaris
16 favorite points
hidden by Buffalo113
Another difficult puzzle rated at a 5/3.  Tricky
 but solvable and takes you for a nice walk on the beach!

Note from SNAP!!!: A tough puzzle but a great location!!!

8 (tie).   GC6G1M6 – OH, NO, NOT JOE!
16 favorite points
hidden by GeandpaGene
Another quick one!


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