Top Geoaches in Newport News Virginia

Last Updated: March 14, 2021

City of Newport News

top caches based on favorite points earned:

1. GC1HB4T – Ghost Train: Next Stop Boxwood Inn
113 favorite points – hidden by Zazth@CO and adopted by BillHSKC
With the ongoing restoration of the train station on one
side and the Boxwood Inn on the other, the CO felt
this to be an ideal location for a cache. Yes, the tracks
here are still active just not in the same respect as they
were many years ago.

Note from SNAP!!!: Loved not only the cache but the area.  Plenty of history here.

2. GC112TG – Rattle Fish – 89 favorite points
hidden by 2 Unusual Suspects and adopted by 5 Lost Marbles
This cache is located in Newport News Park.
This is a small cache located off a trail behind the Newport
News Information Center at Newport News City Park.
Bring your geocaching fishing gear
(3ft of strong string with a loop tied on one end)
because the rattle fish are in season.
Be sure to use the "catch and release" method
as we want to make sure that there will be
a fish for others to catch.
Please release it back where you caught it.

Note from SNAP!!!: Tricky little devil of a cache but worth the favorite points


3.  GCDDBA -   Monitor Merrimac Battle Overlook - 
59 favorite points - hidden by: HJS
This very old virtual is well worth the visit!!!

4.  GC1HTDK – Thanx for the ride, Lady…
58 favorite points – originally hidden by Zazth
this cache was adopted by Ibwacko and then BillHSKC
This is located like a park n grab but comes with
a unique twist!!!

Note from SNAP!!!: This cache brought a smile to our faces!

5. GC15P9T – Larry’s Pawn Shop  TB EXCHANGE
53 favorite points – hidden by Thor24
This cache is located in Noland Park
surrounding the Mariner’s Museum.  A great cache!!!

Note from SNAP!!!:  Located near the Mariner's Museum in Noland park.  A must get cache!

6. GC42D4J – The Sage of Thorvald Erikson
36 favorite points - hidden by prokudin
This cache is located in Noland Park
surrounding the Mariner’s Museum.  A great cache!!!

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