Top Caches in York County Virginia

Last Updated: September 3, 2019

York County – top caches 
based on favorite points earned:

Note: parts of Newport News Park
reside inside York county

1.    GC1D0HG – Waller Mill Overlook
188 favorite points
hidden by va griz
This cache is located a short walk away from parking

  Note from SNAP!!!: This is a beautiful location and a tricky little hide!

2.    GC2BAF – The Cave
178 favorite points
hidden by The-Colemans
This virtual cache is located just east of Newport
News Park on the shores of the York River

Note from SNAP!!!: A virtual with some history - doesn't get much better than that!

3.    GC8AEF – The Lost Day
111 favorite points
hidden by Kingsman
This is another Virtual Cache located near Yorktown.

Note from SNAP!!!: Another Virtual with history!

4.    GC54205 – Lego My Signal
102 favorite points
hidden by GoodSunCachers & adopted  by KWrightVA. 
This is a cute little puzzle cache
This is NOT a difficult puzzle and
I promise you that it will bring a smile to your face.

Note from SNAP!!!: Are you good with jigsaw puzzles?

5. GC6MV0K - Fire Station #4 to the Rescue!
87 Favorite points
hidden by J&Leebee
another favorite of ours!

6.    GC6050W – Bye bye birdie
81 favorite points
hidden by Eversandy
A very nice Multi-cache located right on the Yorktown Beach

Note from SNAP!!!: Great picture opportunity here!!!

7.    GC322EM – 403’s Boo Boo Box Hide-out
78 favorite points
hidden by GeoMunster1313
This could either be a Park n Grab or it
could leave you scratching your head!

Note from SNAP!!!: Tricky, tricky, tricky - - but a favorite!

8.    GCGERG – The Source
75 favorite points
hidden by Cacheola Crew
Another Virtual cache and this one is quite a hike but
there are some parking locations nearby.

Note from SNAP!!!: A very nice hike to this Virtual cache!

9.     GC1YBHP – How To Anchor a Beach in a River: Yorktown Beach
62 favorite points
hidden by CacheBeagle
This is a great Earthcache  - be prepared for a long but scenic hike!

Note from SNAP!!!: One of our favorites

10.     GC2BAD – The Outer Works
54 favorite points
hidden by The-Colemans
A great older Virtual


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