Top Caches in Norfolk Virginia

This page last updated: March 14, 2021

Here is the list for Norfolk

top caches based on favorite points earned:

1.  GCJK56 – City Limits
160 favorite points - hidden by PA Ladi
This virtual cache is located  inn the heart of downtown Norfolk.

 Note from SNAP!!!: This virtual is a must find cache!

2.  GCJAQH –  Love Letter - 130 favorite points – hidden 
by Penguincacher.  A great place we never knew existed.

 Note from SNAP!!!: History galore!!!

3.   GC1CB0 – Douglas’s 5 Star Cache
108 favorite points – hidden by Pote.  
Another virtual cache located right in the downtown area.
Hidden in September 2001 makes this one of the older caches in the area.

 Note from SNAP!!!: Another virtual that is a must find cache!

4. GC5C51H - NHT: White Bronze…why’s that monument different? - 
38 favorite points - hidden by cameramoose
Located in Elmwood Cemetery

 Note from SNAP!!!: Another great historical cache!

5. GC3Y1B4 – MEGAsaurus DUMP
36 favorite points – hidden by Mom&Dad2L&L.
This cute cache could be a park n grab

 Note from SNAP!!!: A quick park n grab!

6.  GC4Z6KA – Escape from Norfolk
34 favorite points – hidden by Prytz+1
This is a fun Wherigo cache located right on the Norfolk waterfront.

 Note from SNAP!!!: Another great cache!

7.  GC240QC – History 101: The Star Spangled Banner
31 favorite points – hidden by AgamemnonVA
A fairly simple puzzle cache

8.  GC4XD7M – The Hermitage Gardens: A Walking Tour
30 favorite points – hidden  by Prytz+1
This Wherigo cache is located in a very picturesque place

 Note from SNAP!!!: Love the scenery here!

9. GC345E - Elizabeth on the Dry Side - 29 Favorite points
maintained by Penguincacher
This one could take some time - but the view is amazing!

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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