Top Caches in Isle of Wight County Virginia

Last Updated: January 30, 2023

Here is the list for Isle of Wight County

– top caches based on favorite points earned:

Note: Isle of Wight county contains the lovely city of Smithfield.

1.    GC3PTB0 – Smithfield’s Porcine Parade
79 favorite points - hidden by chihuahuak94me
This a terrific puzzle cache located at downtown Smithfield
When Nana and I first found this cache we awarded it a favorite point
later in the day it was named the winner of the
"COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award
A week or two later I wrote a blog all about the cache and
it (the blog) is now a part of the City site on tourism.
At the end of 2012, this cache became the 
2012 winner of the
SNAP!!! Cache of the Year Award.

Note from SNAP!!!: one of our all-time favorite caches

2.    GC18G9M – Woodland Correspondence
59 favorite points – hidden by chihuahuak94me
A great cache located in Carrolton Nike Park.

Note from SNAP!!!: A great cache - brought a smile to my face when I saw it.

3.  GCH51T – Smithfield’s Other Claim to Fame
57 favorite points – hidden by Golfhaus
This is a nice virtual cache is located near Smithfield.

Note from SNAP!!!: Another really nice virtual cache

There are 2 caches tied for the #4 spot

GC1WQAD – Bronze Statues Hold the Key
43 favorite points - hidden by chihuahuak94me
Another great puzzle cache in downtown Smithfield.

Note from SNAP!!!: Great Cache - it will take you on a tour of downtown Smithfield!


GC73669 – WCP - Field Puzzle
40 favorite points – hidden by Chihuahuak94me
A great little puzzle cache in of a hugepark in Smithfield.

Note from SNAP!!!: Don't let the fact that this is a puzzle

cache keep you from trying it - the puzzle is easy!

6.    GC21GWW – Cache on a stick
31 favorite points – hidden by chihuahuak94me
Another nice cache located in Windsor Castle Park.

Note from SNAP!!!: just another great cache!

AND, there are 2 caches tied for the #7 spot

 GC316FH – schoolhouse museum
26 favorite points – hidden by chihuahuak94me
A nice little cache located at a historic schoolhouse in Smithfield.

Note from SNAP!!!: a nice cache in a historic location


GC3ETZ9 – Historic Fort Huger
25 favorite points – hidden by Great Scott! - adopted by SNAP!!!
 A great little multi-cache located in a historic park north of Smithfield.

Note from SNAP!!!: Historic location - nice cache


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