Top Caches in Gloucester County Virginia

Last Updated: March 15, 2021 

Gloucester County – Top caches 

based on favorite points earned:

Note: If you are crossing the Coleman Bridge from York County into Gloucester County - there is a small toll although they do NOT charge you to leave and come back!!!

1.   GC2Q4B1 – All Tangled Up
34 favorite points
hidden by Dr. Dragon
This regular container is hidden on the CO’s property
 just north of Gloucester.

Note from SNAP!!! - A really nice cache!!!

2.    GC2TC8J – License To Cache
31 favorite points
hidden by MermerCheese&LugNut
A cute little micro cache.
Located just off the main highway to Gloucester.

Note from SNAP!!! - A tricky little cache!!!

Tied for 3rd

GC2KHQ8 – The 4th Day of Christmas
16 favorite points
hidden by Powltry Peeps
Located on the far side of Beaver Dam Park

Note from SNAP!!! - the fourth day of Christmas - now exactly what was that gift???


GC4Q2TG – Hiding from the Pandas
16 favorite points
hidden by Team Slug Jr.
A clever hide in a unique place

Note from SNAP!!! - A wonderful place and cache!!!

6.   GC50FDG - The Beaver Trail #1
11 favorite points -
hidden by Rivahcntrygeocachers
the start of the Beaver Geo-Art
that surrounds Beaverdam Lake

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