Best Caches in Suffolk

Last Updated: August 24, 2021

Here is the list for Suffolk

top caches based on favorite points earned:


1.   GC38X48 – Suffolk Nana & Papa’s Final Resting Place

45 favorite points – hidden by SNAP!!!
This puzzle cache is located at a very historical
location near downtown Suffolk.

Note from SNAP!!!: Simple - just use your powers of observation!

2.   GC1JQMP – Constantia Site
40 favorite points – hidden by landru1701
A very nice multi cache located near downtown Suffolk.

Note from SNAP!!!: A terrific multi-cache in a very historic cemetery.

3. GC44PNY – I Can't Find My Finger
35 favorite points – hidden by southtexas
A nice and easy puzzle located in Northern Suffolk.

Note from SNAP!!!: An easy puzzle and a great cache

4.  GC44QVN – A Waymark, A Benchmark and A Chirp!!!
34 favorite points – hidden by SNAP!!!
you need a chirp capable GPS or smart phone

Note from SNAP!!!: 3 finds for one cache???

5. GC2319B – Suffolk History #1
32 favorite points – hidden by SNAP!!!
Another of our caches - a very simple multi.

Note from SNAP!!!: What type of tree is that again???

6.  GC18RAE – Keep Looking
24 favorite points – hidden by Kwik & Linda
A tricky little cache

7. GC44PQW – Something to Chew On
23 favorite points – hidden by steve-n-kim
A nice little puzzle cache

8.   GC694VW – Bisons Galore #01
21 favorite points – hidden by SNAP!!!

An easy Park n grab

9.   GC48R5T – Lone Star Lakes Home By The Lake
21 favorite points – hidden by SNAP!!!

Should be fairly easy

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