2015 Winners of the “Coveted" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award

Last Updated: February 12, 2022

People ask us what it takes to be a winner of the Cache of the Day Award – well…. good container, lovely scenery, takes us someplace we didn’t know of, sometimes it is getting caught by the CO, sometimes it is just how the cache hits us. We will try to keep this list up to date as we find more favorites. Please feel free to comment.  Also keep in mind, these are the only caches that will be eligible for the "SUPER-COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Year award.
Jan 8 - GC3XZDR - Welcome to Alleghany Highlands
hidden by NW guy - located in Alleghany County VA
Jan 10 - GCYYWH - Humpback Bridge Cache
hidden by Pathfinder27 - located in Alleghany County VA
hidden by steve-n-kim - located in Virginia Beach, VA ARCHIVED
Mar 22 - GC5MWKK - Lube Knot a Tree
hidden by bdramatic - located in Smithfield,VA
May 24 - GCT397 - Train Trestle Falls
hidden by Captain Crash - located in Clarion, PA
May 25 - GCJ8M8 - Auto Art
hidden by MsKardiac - located in Erie, PA
May 26 - GC2FK18 - Tip of the Tongue
hidden by BRISTOLGUY - located in Naples, NY
May 27 - GC9E - NH #1 - Mine Follies
hidden by Paul Lamere - located in Hillsborough, NH
May 28 - GCAE - Sleepy Hollow-1
hidden by Lucien - located in Sleepy Hollow, NY ARCHIVED
Jun 13 - GC5KWYP - TWISTED !!!!!
hidden by geospilz - located in Virginia beach, VA
Jul 5 - GC5YGPQ - Water's Edge #10
hidden by daddy rayray - located just south of Elizabeth City,

Jul 12 - GC5TRPC - North of Tower
hidden by snowurchin - located in Isle of Wight County, VA ARCHIVED

Aug 14 - GC5DN8E - Historic Salem - Roanoke County Courthouse
hidden by Tanjent - located in the City of Salem, VA

Aug 30 - GC5KV2R - Scrap Metal
hidden by steve--n-kim - located in downtown Norfolk, VA ARCHIVED

Sep 7 - GC6151F - Fishin' Hole
hidden by jo<3em - located in Virginia Beach, VA ARCHIVED

Sep 19 - GC5J6RV - The fungus amongus
hidden by gigiwoll -  located in Newport News, VA 

Oct 11 - GC1FWQN - Atop Mountain View Cemetery
hidden by Child ov nature - located in Radford, VA

Nov 1 - GC63V1P - Xtra Dog-gone Fun
hidden by Cameramoose - located in Chesapeake, VA ARCHIVED

Nov 15 - GC5YN7Z - The Life and Times of the Spit at Northend Point
hidden by everplaid - located in Hampton Virginia.

Nov 28 - GC60HJC - USS PENNSYLVANIA (1837)
hidden by steve-n-kim - located in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Dec 13 - GC605B9 - LSL Combat
hidden by snowurchin - located in Suffolk, Virginia ARCHIVED

Dec 26 - GC3N224 - Launch Point
hidden by OBXbiker - located in Dare County North Carolina

Dec 27 - GC64V38 - Cora Tree
hidden by SweetadOBX - located in Dare County North Carolina ARCHIVED

Dec 28 - GC38G6K - OBX Velkominn Respite
hidden by OBXbiker - located in Dare County North Carolina

Dec 29 - GC3M5NZ - Baltic Hideaway
hidden by OBXbiker - located in Dare County North Carolina
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