Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Something New From HQ!!!

Memory Lane

Geocaching HQ is inviting everyone to take a trip down Memory Lane to celebrate the community and the milestones that have made geocaching what it is today! 

While they realize not everyone is able to go out caching right now they are doing things a little different this year. Memory Lane will start on June 1st and be available all year long through January 3, 2021. They invite you to move through the Memory Lane game board by finding different geocache types to collect points and earn up to five new souvenirs!

To see the official post, click here!

Here are some highlites of the game:

From June 1, 2020 through January 3, 2021, collect points by logging geocaches.
Earn up to five new souvenirs by collecting 200 points during the game.

Earn points by logging finds on geocaches:

The max points you can earn for any log is 10 points

What are the Souvenirs I can earn??

First geocache hidden: 10 pts
First geocoin: 50 pts
First Mega-Event: 100 pts
First million geocaches hidden: 150 points
20 years of geocaching 200 points
What does the game board look like???

Everyone stay safe out there!!!
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