Friday, August 30, 2019

Our "Trip of a Lifetime" - Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed arriving in Seattle and the first few days...

On Tuesday August 6, after a small problem with Uber,
Nana, I and the family finally arrived at the terminal,
passed through security and boarded the 
Carnival Legend!!!

The view from our balcony on the Legend!

On Day 3 of the cruise we arrived in Tracey
Arm Fjord where we boarded a smaller boat
and made it to the southern face of Sawyer Glacier.

After getting very close (per the Captain we were
closest he had been all year) and watched some
minor calving of the glacier - Amazing!!!

The Captain then took us to the main face of the
Sawyer Glacier where Nana just happened to be filming.

Nana just happened to catch some major calving
of the face of the glacier!!!  Shortly after that,
the crew hauled aboard a small piece and put
it on the deck so everyone could feel it.

While in Tracey Arm Fjord, we made sure we had all
the answers and pictures in order to claim our
find for the Earthcache there.

GC1DG1T - Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier

On Day 4 of the cruise we arrived in Skagway Alaska.

Nana & I made our way around town sight-seeing
and grabbing a few caches.

GC5Z1T9 - White Pass Remains
a quick walk n grab!

GC76XP1 - I (We) made it to Skagway, AK.
a cleverly hidden cache.

GCGJ2Q - Camp Skagway No.1
A very nice Virtual Cache in the
heart of the town

GCG627 - Skagway cliffs
another Virtual Cache and this one
was right by our ship

We spent the rest of the day hanging out
with the family and browsing the stores!

Whale tail
Day 5 of the cruise was Juneau Alaska.  We spent most of the day
with our family but we did manage to get one cache found
before heading back to the ship.

GC10RDC - The Mountain King - TB Hotel
favorite point awarded and dropped of quite a few trackables!

looking down on Juneau
Ketchikan was the port for Day 6,
Nana & I left the ship early, grabbed a few caches and
then joined the family for a tour of all the stores in the area.

very few salmon were running when we passed by
 GC521YF - Cache Fish-On

GC4CN8W - Well...Here I am!

GC1RQRW - Cache Bin Caching TB Hotel
favorite point awarded

GC5XYGZ - liquid sunshine
dodging the muggles took some time!

our new GC Headquarters Souvenir!
Our last full day of the cruise ended with a very short
visit to Victoria British Columbia.  Finding caches here
while the family toured the shops enabled us to get the 
Souvenir for British Columbia!

GCA00B - Crows visit the Govenor of Nootka
a very nice Virtual Cache

GC7B752 - The Fountains at Parliament - Virtual Reward -
another nice Virtual Cache

GC29BEM - Little Brown Lamp Post
gotta love quick grabs!

GC80YK5 - Urban Bird Watching Tour---1. Kingfisher-HAG XV

GC6ZXW7 Traditional Cache Super fish

Our cruise ended the next day - sadly we were only
able to grab one more cache as we headed home.
I noticed there was a Virtual Cache right in the
terminal as we were waiting for our plane.

GC7B73R Virtual Cache Flying Fish at Sea-Tac

Did we get in all the geocaches that were on our lists - NO!
But, considering the sights we saw and the
people we spent the time with...

our "Trip of a Lifetime" was a trip we will always remember!!!

That is all for now
Till next time...

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Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa
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