Thursday, April 18, 2019

Adding some Counties in North Carolina

It has been almost 2 years since Nana & I found the Virginia Counties Challenge Cache.

That particular Challenge Cache required a cacher to find at least one cache
in every county of Virginia - I think it is time to try another state!!!

The question was - Maryland or North Carolina???

Either one would require some travelling.
As far as Maryland goes, we already have 8 of 24 counties found.
As far as North Carolina goes, 56 of 100 counties found.

We travel through North Carolina all the time!

We decided, at least for now, to make a short trip to try to
knock out at least a few counties in North Carolina!!! 

BEFORE our quick trip!

It was never intended to be a long trip!
But I wanted to 1) test out my sore knee and
2) see if I could get out of my geocaching slump!!!

Day 1

The trip south was great but we were amazed at how
high the water was in the rivers and lakes!!!

GC5N6Z6 - 83 NC CWGT Engagement of Windsor
although a little muddy from the high water, Nana & I made the find quickly

GC2MRGR - Aurora's Christmas Welcome
this one had us going for a minute or two but Nana spotted it!

The list I made up had 4 geocaches on it for Pamlico County.
Not sure what our problem was but we logged a DNF on 3 different caches
and then posted a note for the fourth!!!  I thought we were going to come
up blank in this county but remembered some guardrail caches in the County.
Luckily for us we were able to locate one of them to color in the county!!!

GC2PEGH - Kershaw Road E.G.G. Series # 1

GC1ADKD - Waiting for the Ferry
A very fast find here!

GCGEM0 - Ol' Grandpappy
A very nice Virtual cache!!!
Awarded it a favorite point and named it the winner
of the "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award!

GC1MNB0 - Old Glory#2-Wild Hogs
another fast find and another favorite point awarded!

Day 2

GCEFA7 - Webfargo # 2 - I saw the light
Another nice Virtual cache which also
earned a favorite point and was named the
winner of the "COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache
of the Day Award!

GC5NN7R - 87 NC CWGT Fort Anderson
A very fast find!

GCGFRV - Old Brunswick Town
another great Virtual cache

GC5NYF5 - 88 NC CWGT Fort Johnston
another quick find!

GCGFRX - Red #2
another Virtual cache that gets a favorite point!

GC67E - virtual cache of oib
really loved all these Virtual caches!

we made a quick dip into South Carolina to pick up a county there!

GC3BGEQ - Daughter of a Founding Father
An old church with lots of history earns a favorite point!

GC3XQJH - The McCoy Sisters
a quick grab here!

GC1NK29 - The Ghost of Clare Townsend
a quick puzzle cache after stopping for the night!

Day 3

GCAE35 - Meadow and more!
Loving these country Virtual caches!

GC7B68N - Around and Around it Goes Again
A very interesting location earns a favorite point and ends up being
awarded the "COVTED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award!

GCF1B1 - Past Guardians of the Night
another great Virtual cache

GC67Q3B - VFW Memorial
a very quick find - could have taken a long time!

GC5AH55 - Be square
another quick find for us!

GC53AT0 - 366 Day Calendar Challenge
We always try to grab Challenge caches we qualify for - a fast find!

GC7AG89 - The Rear Admiral from Tarboro
our last find of the day and trip!!!

AFTER our quick trip!

 That is all for now
Till next time...

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Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa
 - - - or just plain ol' - - -






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  1. I have only 2 more counties to do in MD. I have completed 56 out of 100 in NC, the vast majority is the eastern part of the state.

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