Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Next (and last) monthly Souvenir for 2018

a.k.a December Friend League

You might be a

Trackable Lover if…

Here are the details about December's Friend League event!!!
You can learn more "HERE"

From December 3 at noon UTC through December 31 at noon UTC, use the Friend League to individually earn points towards the “Tracekable Lover” souvenir.
To earn the Trackable Lover souvenir, earn 80 points individually on your Friend League beginning Monday, December 3 and ending Monday, December 31.
The scoring*:
Log a FOUND IT on any geocache - 5 points
Log a FOUND IT on any geocache with 10 or more favorite points - 7 points
ATTEND any event - 5 points
ACTIVATE a trackable - 10 points
DROP OFF any trackable you do not own5 points
Did you notice - the new address for this blog???
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