Friday, November 9, 2018

Testing out our new knees...

As  most of you know, both Nana and I have had minor knee
surgeries in the last 6 weeks.  Her left knee and my right.

So, now that we are back on our feet and feeling almost as good as new, we thought
this would be a great time to take a short trip to test out our semi-new knees!!!

We left our home in Suffolk and made our way to the southern end of Skyline Drive.
We arrived at the southern end about just before noon.  We figured this left us just enough
time grab about half of the caches along the route and make it to the northern end
before darkness would settle in. 

Step One was to make sure we brought our Senior America The Beautiful Pass
so we could sail right on through the Checkpoint and save some money right off the bat!!!

Being as Skyline Drive goes through a National Park, Traditional geocaches are not allowed.
But all that means is there are Virtual and Earth geocaches along the drive!!!

There are numerous overlooks to pull off at as well as comfort stations along the way.

The Appalachian Trail crosses the drive several times along the way.

There are about 14 different Virtual or Earth caches available at pull offs or after a short walk.  But there are a few more for you to find if you do not mind a hike!!!  Needless to say we were taking it easy on our knees this trip.

Wildlife was rather abundant on this trip.

We managed to find the answers to 6 of the Earth caches and 1 virtual on our way north.

Skyline Drive is about 75 miles long and goes from Afton Virginia to Front Royal Virginia.

It was a little chilly and overcast on our trip!

We both agreed to come back in the early Spring to see if we could grab the rest of the
geocaches.  We also decided to make a complete day of the Drive as to have more time
for some of the caches you have to hike to.

We made it to Front Royal Virginia with some time to grab a few Traditional geocaches
before eating dinner and finding a nice place to stay for the evening.

Day 2 of the trip featured a slow country drive back south to Suffolk 
with plenty of geocaching stops along the way including
Lake Anna and Powhatan State parks!

By then end of the trip we managed to locate a total of
31 geocaches which earned us the November Friend League
"You might be a Social Butterfly if..." Souvenir!!!  

When we made it back home we both decided the knees
were ready for a little more strenuous activity.

Look out caches!!!  We are ready to get back out there!!! 


Upcoming Events we plan to attend!!!

Thursday – November 15, 2018 – Chesapeake
AACC #119
Great Bridge Lock Park
4PM Till 5:45PM
Tuesday – November 20, 2018 – Virginia Beach
Third Tuesday Burger & Beer (No Turkey) GCHR
Rick’s Caf—ź
6PM Till 8PM
Saturday – December 8, 2018 – Norfolk
Chrysler Treasures M & G #6: Chaos and Awe
Chrysler Museum in Downtown Norfolk
11AM Till bout Noon 

That is all for now
Till next time...

Don't forget to visit our favorite Geocaching Store
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Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

we are less than 150 finds away from...

Suffolk Nana & Papa

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