Saturday, October 20, 2018


So I guess the most important updates deal with Nana & I.

We both have had knee surgery in the last month!
Nana had minor surgery on her left knee a month ago and is doing fine.
I had minor knee surgery on my right knee 3 days ago and am also doing fine.

The bad news is having bum knees is putting a little delay in 
reaching 10,000 finds before the end of the year!!!

Nana at the Neptune Rocks Earthcache
Other SNAP!!! news

So other than reaching 10,000 finds before the end of the year...
we also have some other plans in the months ahead!!!

Plenty of geocachers attended the 5th Chrysler Treasures Meet n Greet... including both of us!

We have another cruise scheduled for the middle of December!
Targets on the cruise will be:
Our first find in Turks and Caicos Islands  - Specifically, Grand Turk
Our first find in the Dominican Republic
Some more finds in the Bahamas!!!

First Landing State park in early October

We (hopefully) will have another major accomplishment
to brag about (finally) in early January...

When Nana & I started caching we were both working.
Between work and being, of course, newbs - we didn't
concentrate, like others do, on getting a cache every day of the year!

One of the last two days for which we needed to find a cache
just passed - October 16th - and to celebrate that day we held an event!
That leaves one one - JUST ONE - more day on our yearly calendar
for which we need to find a geocache!!!
January 4th

We were actually ready to find a cache on January 4 2018...
but mother nature foiled our attempts to fill in that day!

The view out our front door on Jan 4 2018
We awoke last Jan 4 to over 12' of snow
Everyone was being told to stay off the roads
Plus, we needed to go over 20 miles from
our house to find the nearest cache...
Needless to say - 
we are eagerly awaiting Jan 4, 2019!

Barring another massive snow event - we should finally be able to 
fill in that last day on our yearly calendar!!!


A Woodbooger Update

I just received an update from Norton Virginia
concerning the 2019 Woodbooger weekend.

I had previously reported the Woodbooger Geotour would be
the same as it currently is but the Woodbooger Footprint Geo-Art 
would be revised.  That report was in error!

The Woodbooger Geotour will be revised for 2019.  
The current Geotour will be available till August 2019.
The tour will then be revised for the 2019 event.
At the same time, the Geo-Art will also be revised.

So just to recap...
For the 2019 Woodbooger Event

There will be a new revised Geo-tour and...
a new Woodbooger Geo-Art!!!

If you have yet to do either the Geo-Art (GC7257W)
or the Geo-Tour (GT8E)

put them on your Geocaching Schedule before September 2019!!!

As soon as there is new information
on the Woodbooger Weekend...
I will publish them here!!!


That is all for now
Till next time...

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Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

coming soon...

Suffolk Nana & Papa
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