Tuesday, September 11, 2018


The last time you heard from us we were leaving
on our search for the every elusive

Well let me say this one thing!

We had a FANTASTIC time!!!
These people really know how to put on an event!!!
is that a Woodbooger?
4 days, 3 events, 1 CITO and I lost count of how many 
 different geocaches were published each day!

I will tell you this - we didn't have time to find all of them!!!

We arrived in the Norton, Virginia area Thursday afternoon, immediately attended an event and then about 35 caches were published in and around the Norton area!!!

Nana & I started finding caches but finished up a
good portion of those caches on Friday morning.
While we were grabbing those, another 40 to 50 caches
started publishing!!!

We ended Friday by attending the
"Meet The Woodbooger II"
event where I met a Woodbooger!!!

Saturday was the main event!!!

Saturday morning just before 9AM,
the 25 geocaches that make up the
Woodbooger Geo-Tour published and then
more caches published!!!
Of the 25 Geo-Tour caches,
18 of the caches are Traditionals and
approximately 10 of them are gadget caches!
5 of them are Letterbox caches leaving
1 Multi-cache and 1 Earthcache.
Most of the geocaches were donated by
geocachers from the surrounding area!

I cannot stress how much the City of Norton,
the surrounding County and a lot of the 
local businesses helped the geocachers in the area.  

Part of the Woodbooger Crew!
The local businesses contributed everything from door
prizes to reduced pricing for all of the visitors for these events.

Nana & I really enjoyed the entire weekend!
We met all sorts of geocachers as well as a
City Councilman, the City Manager and
even the Mayor!

Thanks goes out to Space Coast Geo Store
who attended the event
Dale & Barb always have new interesting items!

Special thanks goes out to the members of the
Woodbooger Crew who put together this
wonderful weekend event!!!
Biblemanrick (Rick Watts)
Sewwatt (Sally Watts)
KickenChicken (Treavor Calhoun)
VA_Woodbooger (Chris Sartin)
MtmanVa2 (Chuck Miller)
Ladybug44 (Val Miller)

So, I think it goes without saying, but just in case... 
The Woodbooger Geo-tour is highly recommended!!!

Link to the Passport for the GeoTour - front - inside

oh, and by the way...
take our advice...
save the date now..
September 7, 2019
The Next Woodbooger Event!!!


That is all for now
Till next time...

Don't forget to visit our favorite Geocaching Store
Space Coast Geo-Store

Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

coming soon...

Suffolk Nana & Papa

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