Sunday, September 2, 2018

Starting Monday....

Before we get to the main topic...
Just a quick word!

Yesterday, GCHR
(or GeoCaching Hampton Roads)
held their 16th Annual Picnic

It was fantastic!!!

Special thanks to all those who worked in the
background getting everything ready!!

And another special thanks goes out
to Space Coast Geocaching Store
(Dale & Barb)
who made the trip to our area and brought their store!
You guys are GREAT!!!!
So, now on to the news!!!
----- is starting another
Friends League Event

It is called...
You might be a geocacher if…

Introducing a new four-month series called “You might be a geocacher if…” Each month from September through December, use the Friend League to individually earn points toward a new Geocacher Personality Souvenir. Are you an Adrenaline Junkie? A Caching Connoisseur? A Social Butterfly? A Trackable Lover? Collect them all to be the ultimate geocacher. Keep reading to learn September’s challenge below!
In September (starting September 3),
you might be an Adrenaline Junkie if…
It’s all about the thrill of the hunt. You crave physical and mental challenges that include long days of geocaching with “gear, (some) fear, and fun!” Whether you’re climbing, diving, or rappelling, there’s nothing easy about getting to this GZ.  
To earn the Adrenaline Junkie souvenir, earn 50 points individually on your Friend League beginning Monday, September 3 at noon UTC and ending at noon UTC Monday, October 1.
During that time, earn double points for difficulty and terrain!
The scoring** is as follows:
Found a geocache with less than 10 Favorite points: 5
Found a geocache with 10+ Favorite points: 10
Difficulty rating: x2
Terrain rating: x2
Attended Event: 5
Drop Trackable: 3

For example, if you log a Difficulty 5, Terrain 5 geocache with under 10 Favorite points you will earn 5 points for logging the find, and 5×2=10 for Difficulty, and 5×2=10 for Terrain, giving you a total of 25 points on your Friend League!
**The Friend League will not reflect this scoring until Monday, September 3 at noon UTC.
Here are some of the FAQs:
What s the Maximum points you can earn?
The max number of points you can earn for any cache log is 30 points by finding a D/T 5/5 geocache with 10 or more Favorite points.
What is the Friend League?
The Friend League is a leaderboard that shows you and your friends’ geocaching activity. Earn points when you log a cache, attend an event, or complete other geocaching tasks. The number of points vary depending on the task at hand.

The Friend League displays the total points you individually collect during the month. You can also see how many points your friends have earned. The Friend League will reset to zero on Monday, October 1 at noon UTC when a new souvenir challenge will begin.
Is the Friend League in the Geocaching® app?

The Friend League is not in the Geocaching® app but can be viewed in your phone’s web browser.


That is all for now
Till next time...

Don't forget to visit our favorite Geocaching Store
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!
coming soon...

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  1. Getting the Georgia "oldies" on Tuesday should get me well on the way to my Adrenaline Junkie souvenir.