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Monthly Review - August 2018

Just one quick note before we get
to the August Monthly Review

GC7MKT3 - Woodbooger Kickoff Event 2018
A fun filled weekend of events
A new Geo-trail which is also
an Official Geo-Tour!!!

Here are some links for you:
Woodbooger GeoTour Kickoff Event
Woodbooger GeoTour Passport
Woodbooger Parking Pass
(place on dash to let local LEOs know you are a Geocacher)

so let's get to the Monthly Review...

August Monthly Review

Our finds for August were more than July but not really fantastic either!!!

We knew we were going to be taking an in-state trip in September
so we were kind of saving up!!!

The other reason we were down on numbers
was we were staying in town expecting the arrival
of our 2nd Great-Grand-Daughter!!!

A quick look at August's numbers reveals:

Total Caches found: 40
Traditionals: 30
Multi: 2
Letterbox: 1
Puzzles: 1
Virtuals: 3
Events attended: 3 
FTFs in August: 1

Caching Days in August: 8
States We Geocached In During August:
North Carolina - 18 finds
Virginia - 22 finds

Caches which received Favorite Points from us in August: 
  1. GC7B8A0 - Virtual - Colonial Williamsburg - Virtual Reward - hidden by Scottish Cavalryman - located in Williamsburg, Virginia 
  2. GC7VNH1 - Traditional - Cemetery on Longstreet Lane - hidden by steve-n-kim - located in Suffolk, Virginia
  3. GC26638 - Traditional - Let's Eat - hidden by sbogie264 - located in Yadkin County, North Carolina
  4. GC3F1FD - Traditional - Boydton Plank Road - hidden by tirmite - located in Boydton, Virginia
  5. GC4H60D - Traditional - Hold The Onion - hidden by mount_airync - hidden in Surry County, North Carolina
  6. GCJF95 - Multi - Mayberry Cache - hidden by Sauratown Smokey - located in Mt Airy, North Carolina
  7. GC4NZNT - Old Methodist Cemetery - hidden by MAMRH - located in My Airy, North Carolina
  8. GCGCAZ - Virtual - Rock House - hidden by joycgib - located in Stokes County, North Carolina
  9. GC7HF2V - Traditional - A view and a chew - hidden by TurtleDoves34 - located in Suffolk, Virginia
  10. GC7NGV3 - Traditional - Windy Warrior - hidden by steve-n-kim - located in Virginia Beach, Virginia
August Caches Awarded the
"COVETED" SNAP!!! Cache of the Day Award:
  • GC7B8A0 - Virtual - Colonial Williamsburg - Virtual Reward - hidden by Scottish Cavalryman - located in Williamsburg, Virginia 
  • GC26638 - Traditional - Let's Eat - hidden by sbogie264 - located in Yadkin County, North Carolina
Upcoming Events we will be attending!
GC7VACN - Woodbooger on the Greenbelt on September 6th
GC7QXRX - Meet the Woodbooger II on September 7th
GC7MKT3 - Woodbooger Kickoff Event 2018 on September 8th
GC7RJHE - The Great Woodbooger Cleanup version 2.0 on September 9th
GC7WWDV - Fall CITO Calvary Cemetery Project Day on September 15th
GC7W7PZ - Third Tuesday Burger and Beer-GCHR September Event on September 18th
GC7WWE4 - Fall CITO After Work on September 21st
GC7X12V - AACC #117 with Food Trucks on September 27th
GC7W09X - Chrysler Treasures M & G #5 - Vic Muniz exhibit on September 29th
GC7WQPX - 10th annual Halloween meet and greet on October 27th 


That is all for now
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