Friday, August 24, 2018

Just another AACC event!

What a FANTASTIC Day!!!

The weathermen/women/persons finally granted us a reprieve from the two
choices they had been providing us with for the last 6 weeks; Choice A: Temperatures
in the upper 90's or lower 100's with Humidity about 99% or higher - or - Choice B:
Five or more days of rain followed by a few more days of rain which, in turn is
followed by followed by at least another day of rain!!!

When: Thursday - August 23rd
Location: Elizabeth River Park (under the Jordan Bridge)
Time: 4 till 6PM
What: AACC #116
We were finally granted a reprieve from our two choices and ended up with a gorgeous day!!!

Temperature was about 80 - yes 80!!!!
There was a slight breeze off of the water and we had entertainment,
not only in the form of 2112Rush (and other geocachers), but also a DJ!!!

There were a good choice of food trucks also!!!

Of course there were geocaching stories: Among some of the best were:

Cameramoose explaining how to slide down the hill to "The Spot" (GC39)
mbbaumann giving new cacher advise on how to NOT get arrested while geocaching
Nana explaining to the Park Ranger about the placement of "painted rocks"

Fun was had by all - especially Kody - the puppy none of us could stop petting!!!

The next AACC event will be sometime around September 27th - come
on out and join us!!!

16th Annual Geocaching Hampton Roads Picnic 

The next picnic is only about a week away - this is a local event you do NOT want to miss!!!

Please make sure you log your "WILL ATTEND" and indicate how many are
in your party!!!

Please also indicate what food and/or drinks you will be bringing!!!

The picnic takes place in Northwest River Park this year!!!

Please read the cache page for other info!!

Just looked through the "Will Attend" and noticed two of my favorite
people will be there!!!   Dale & Barb will once again attend our picnic and bring
the "Space Coast Geo Store"!!!   This is my favorite place to buy Geocaching Supplies!!!  

Upcoming Events we will be attending!

GC7RA5R - 16th Annual Geocaching Hampton Roads Picnic on September 1st
GC7QXRX - Meet the Woodbooger II on September 7th
GC7MKT3 - Woodbooger Kickoff Event 2018 on September 8th
GC7RJHE - The Great Woodbooger Cleanup version 2.0 - on September 9th


That is all for now
Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

coming soon...

Suffolk Nana & Papa

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