Saturday, July 28, 2018

Woodbooger News!!!

I just received a message from the fine folks
out in Norton Virginia!!!

It seems there is a really good chance that
this year's Woodbooger Geo-Trail will also be a...

Woodbooger Geo-tour!!!

Flag Rock overlooking Norton Virginia
If you remember, last year I visited Norton for
the unveiling of the Woodbooger Geo-Art
and the 1st Woodbooger Geo-Trail.

Woodbooger Geo-Art
It seems, to me at least, that the geocachers in
and around Norton Virginia are blessed to live
in a city that loves geocachers!!!

The 2017 log for the event
The City Manager of Norton opened the 2017 event
and welcomed everyone to enjoy the city, the surrounding recreation areas and the weekend of events that followed.

Again this year, the city is welcoming geocachers
to their 2018 event!!!
a great museum to visit!
There will be at least 25 new caches that publish
around the area on Friday, Sept 7, followed by a
"Meet the Woodbooger II" event.

the views are amazing!!!
The MAIN EVENT is Saturday, Sept 8!!!
The 2018 Woodbooger Trail publishes!!!
The 2018 version of the trail will consist of over
20 caches.  The trail will be a mix of Traditional,
 Multi, Letterbox and Gadget caches.

2017 Group Picture
Local hotels are offering a discount of rooms.
See the announcement on GC7MKT3 
for more details on discounts!
I will say this: I had a fantastic time last year and
have already made reservations for this year!!!

These geocachers put on a really good event!

And remember - the Geo-Art is still there
if you have not completed it yet!!!

That is all for now
Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

coming soon...

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!! 





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