Friday, March 2, 2018

New Souvenirs Coming...

For those geocachers out there that like
earning souvenirs, and let's all admit it...

That is just about everyone of us!
31 Days of August 2013
So, just in case you haven't heard:
a new batch of souvenirs are heading your way
starting on March 19.
3 Million Active Geocaches
Remember all the fun we had last year 
looking for Pirate Treasure???
Mary Hyde
In July 2017 we all were looking for the 
Lost Treasure of Captain Mary Hyde!!
another Mary Hyde
If you - and the friends in your
"Friends League"
were lucky enough - you probably earned
10 new souvenirs!!! 
7 Souvenirs of August 2014
This year Geocaching HQ has come out with
"Planetary Pursuit"
Individually find different cache types to collect
points on the Friend League between March 19 thru
 April 8 and earn up to nine planet souvenirs
to become an Official Space Explorer.
Canada Day 2017
So first - gather your friends into your
Friend League.
In simple terms this just means asking another
geocacher to be your friend on your profile page.
Prince Edward Island
Visit the Friend League to activate your scoring control board and prepare to lift off on March 19.
Souvenirs                    Points needed  (individual)
Planetary Pursuit: Earth               5 points
Planetary Pursuit: Venus               10 points
Planetary Pursuit: Mercury       20 points
Planetary Pursuit: Mars           40 points
Planetary Pursuit: Jupiter         65 points
Planetary Pursuit: Saturn         100 points
Planetary Pursuit: Uranus        200 points
Planetary Pursuit: Neptune      300 points
Planetary Pursuit: Pluto                500 points
Official Space Explorer Collect all planet
souvenirs (500 points) and
earn this meta souvenir.
So, how do you earn points:
Log a Found it on any geocache (Traditional,
Virtual, Webcam, Wherigo) 5 points

Log a Found it on a Multi-Cache
 or Letterbox Hybrid 10 points

Log a Found it on a Mystery Cache
 or EarthCache 15 points

Attend any event 15 points

Drop off a trackable 4 points
Remember: Everything starts on March 19
and runs thru April 8
you can earn up to 10 new souvenirs
in your effort to become an Official Space Explorer.

Good luck!!
That is all for now

Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!  

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  1. I will need to get my act together to get all 500 points. I have a couple of trips during this, I may have to cache in Texas and Massachusetts to complete this set.