Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Busy, busy, busy


Just looking at our calendars (regular and geocaching) is tiring!!!

3rd Tuesday Event tonight - GC70Y2R

Geocaching with alara in Norfolk tomorrow

Lunch with Nana & Juli on Thursday!

Geocaching with half of jtmlam59 on Friday (maybe)
 - where the targets are all Happy Retirees!!!

Geocaching with jtmlam59 in Duck NC on Saturday!!!

and then looking ahead we have plans all over the place!

A geocaching trip in April that has a big list of targets including:
- Buffalo Mountain Preserve
- Roanoke caching
- delorme page 72 - GCH3TH and others
 - delorme page 64B - GC12PZQ
- Lynchburg geocaching
- Lynchburg museums

A family trip to Lincoln Memorial University

Harrogate, TN - Lincoln Memorial Univ.
A family trip to Minnesota
(gotta get a geocache in Minnesota & Wisconsin) 

not to mention the AACCs

and we are hosting the April 3rd Tuesday!!!

busy, busy, busy

Keep an eye out to the Top Left side of this page - the List of Pages.

I am currently going through each page - "Top Caches In..."
and making sure each page is up to date.

 Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

Suffolk Nana & Papa - - - or just plain ol' - - - -  SNAP!!!  

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