Sunday, February 26, 2017


The Outing had been scheduled and we all had our fingers crossed hoping
the weathermen would give us a fantastic day.

We were rewarded with a day in the 70's - the park had plenty of visitors!!!

S.L.O.G.G.E.R.S. Outing #2 - The Results!!!

We arrived at the initial coordinates and we had both experienced cachers as well as newbies!!!

We combined into 3 vehicles and headed out.
We stopped at a Park n Grab on the way
to our parking coordinates and grabbed cache #1.

Once we unpacked and got ready for our hike, we took the above picture!

The first thing we ran across less than 500 feet from the autos was a nice size snake sunning himself on the path
Watch your step!

Cache Repair
We all had a great time SLOWLY hiking from cache to cache!

Hiking thru the park!
We taught the newbies some good tips for woods caching!

Selfie Time!
Special Thanks goes out to Tarfu for assisting me during the event!!!

Eight total caches found.
Sizes Found: Micro, Regular and Large
Types Found: Challenge, Virtual, Letterbox (which was also a multi) and Traditional

We ate under this old Rusty Wallace car!
Later, at lunch, we all had stories to tell!

The March SLOGGERS Outing is tentatively scheduled for March 11.
Target Caches:
GC44R3V - this old house
GC6C4WR - Wallacetown Superintendent's House
GC5BDWV - Ye New Fishing Hole #2
GC6B99T - Glencoe Plantation
depending on the weather and insects, we made add a few more.
Stay tuned for more info as the date approaches!!!
Till next time...
Stay Safe & Keep Caching!!!

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